It is important to the ProVest Group to be a trusted partner for communities and clients. As such, we prioritise sustainability and work to minimise the impact of unemployment and poverty.

We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is critical to achieving the meaningful transformation required by South Africa’s historically disadvantaged population.


We take a special interest in the schools in the Steelpoort and Rustenburg areas, donating basic essentials to needy learners of Mogono Primary School at Luka Village, and Ntake Primary School at Steelpoort.


The ProVest Group has partnered with three local SMMEs, including a Black-woman-owned company, to provide underground secondary support. Our role is mentorship, including the transfer of important knowledge and skills for running sustainable businesses successfully.

Together with a local mining company the ProVest Group are embracing localisation – via our venture, Platchro Ubuntu – this venture has the results to grow ProVest business in partnering with local community SMME’s.

Further to this, we have seen a growing number of community members enrol in two-year learnership programmes, to enhance their skills and increase their employability.

At Luka in the North West, the Provest Group has established a community infrastructure development office. This serves as a drop-off point for the CVs of job-seeking community members, and provides community leaders with an environment for hosting meetings.

ProVest is pro-actively working towards understanding social and socio – conomic developmental needs and objectives, where upon financial and in-kind contributions are made to appropriate initiatives. ProVest proudly harness the responsibility of those around us within our limited resources.

Through its CSI initiatives, ProVest is making a significant contribution to the lives of many needy South Africans in communities where we are operating, particularly children.

Positive changes happens by listening to what people need, understanding the kind of help that is needed to ensure that the solutions and assistance provided are relevant.

ProVest’ s CSI is in its infancy stage and gives preference to projects and initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle, education support, infrastructure, poverty alleviation and job creation among others.