To be the service company of choice, that is proudly South African and that helps our clients, our people, and our communities to grow and prosper.


Two words – proudly and help – define ProVest’s core purpose. These underscore everything we do. In practical terms, this means:


At ProVest we acknowledge that our existence today and in the future depends on being proudly and truly South African. We embrace change and diversity as central to reflecting the demographics and diversity of our country, and every ProVest employee works hard to contribute to this purpose.


ProVest believes in providing service to others, in ways that help our clients, employees, and stakeholders to prosper and to achieve their goals. More broadly, we strive to support local initiatives in our communities and to help to alleviate poverty and unemployment.


At ProVest we are qualified, skilled and committed. We set ourselves high standards, both ethically and in our work, and we value excellence in all that we do.

In our behaviour, professionalism means that we:

  • Take personal responsibility
  • Show pride in our appearance, language and conduct
  • Display positive attitudes
  • Work together as one team
  • Show respect to all
  • Embrace diversity in gender, race, religion, culture, and sexual orientation
  • Act as dedicated ambassadors


At ProVest we are responsible for our actions and accountable for our decisions. We keep our promises, and this extends to earning the trust of our stakeholders.

In our behaviour, reliability means that we:

  • Deliver consistently to high standards
  • Conduct ourselves loyally and honestly
  • Demonstrate diligence and dedication in our work
  • Assume shared responsibility for a safe work environment
  • Relate to others with openness, fairness and truthfulness
  • Share goals as a team
  • Consider the impact of our actions on everyone
  • Communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and communities alike.


At ProVest we are driven by continuous improvement. We challenge the way things are done, to so enhance our effectiveness and better our value proposition. We embrace change and challenges.

In our behaviour, innovation means that we:

  • Seek opportunities for the company to grow and prosper
  • Find ways to work smarter, not harder
  • Strive to keep things simple but effective