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The biggest contributing factor to fatalities in the mining industry are fall of ground incidents. Correct grouting of anchors play a pivotal role in ensuring tendon support integrity. Anchors transfer loads to the rock by means of three small “leaves”, but loose anchors can result in additional dynamic loads. Grout provides lateral stiffness when tension is lost.

There are methods available that test the strength, length and tension of tendon support, but no proactive ways to measure grout integrity. Determined to come up with a solution, Provest began testing and developing a system that would be:

  • simple to use
  • robust
  • reliable
  • inexpensive
  • comprehensive – tested on various installations
  • easy to interpret
  • able to withstand underground conditions.



Provest based it’s Grout Efficiency Tester (GET) on touch-switch technology, using the grout in the system to complete an electrical circuit, indirectly measuring the conductivity of the grout. The device provides adjustable sensitivity to resistance, making it compatible with various support units.

The GET is able to obtain accurate readings from a probe that is attached to the high tension cable.

Extensive underground testing at Sibanye Platinum Kroondal, Mototolo and Booysendal Mines yielded very encouraging results.



In the North West Regional Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate’s newsletter dated January 2013, the Senior Inspector of Mining noted that during 2012 the Rustenburg area experienced two explosive-related incidents in which two employees lost their lives and three were seriously injured.

In many instances where employees are unable to treat misfires due to reverse priming or any other challenges, they often find shortcuts and end up marking and drilling close to the misfired holes. This can have disastrous repercussions and endangers the lives of many employees. Employers are encouraged to continuously implement new measures to address this serious challenge.

In their continuous pursuit of zero harm mining, and its quest to provide long-term value to their customers, Provest puts their innovative resources to work and developed the Blasting Control Device (BCD).


The BCD was extensively tested at various mines, including Impala Platinum and Sibanye Platinum’s Simunye and Kopanang Shafts. Employees and supervisors expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome, stating the device was easy to use and eliminated the need for reverse priming.

Other positive outcomes included:

  • enhanced safety
  • enhanced face advance
  • reduced costs
  • motivated team members
  • enhanced shareholder value
  • limited blasting damage to support and hanging wall


Results from the testing phase have been exceptionally optimistic and Provest has confidence in the reliability of their BCD in reducing the risks of explosive-related incidents.